Olivia Grayson M.S.Ed.

I am a writer and educator living in Brooklyn, New York, with over ten years’ experience teaching Remedial and Developmental reading and writing to students of all ages, including undergraduates, and second language learners.

I hold a dual Master’s degree in education/special education with a concentration in literacy, and qualified to teach all core English literacy standards and processes, including close reading strategies, with strong attention to annotating, summarizing, and paraphrasing.

In addition, I instruct in all genres of writing, including expository, narrative, creative, and creative non-fiction.

The heart of successful teaching, as I see it, involves fostering a sense of pride in students’ accomplishments, which evolves through promoting a positive learning environment, all the while, recognizing academic challenges and educational deficiencies.

Above all, I believe students succeed when they make meaningful connections to text, as one can not excel in writing, without the capacity to read closely and actively.



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